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08-27-2016 StockRing : BUY 17 CHEAP stocks

StockRing: BUY 17 CHEAP PART 1 stocks on 08/27/2016

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The Stock Market is GOOD right now. Out of 140 stocks comprising CHEAP PART 1 Group, only 17 stocks or 12% are rated as a BUY and 31 stocks or 22% are rated as a SELL. That's BAD!

1__BUY ___ BIOD__Biodel Inc.__0.42
2__BUY ___ CNET__ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc.__1.75
3__BUY ___ LOAN__Manhattan Bridge Capital, Inc__5.9
4__BUY ___ ENG__ENGlobal Corporation__1.45
5__BUY ___ NVGN__Novogen Limited__2.06
6__BUY ___ IPAS__iPass Inc.__1.63
7__BUY ___ ACFC__Atlantic Coast Financial Corpor__6.48
8__BUY ___ SEED__Origin Agritech Limited__2.15
9__BUY ___ USAT__USA Technologies, Inc.__5.17
10__BUY ___ LTRE__Learning Tree International, In__1.76
11__BUY ___ EVI__EnviroStar, Inc. Common Stock__5.11
12__BUY ___ SNSS__Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.__0.92
13__BUY ___ EMMS__Emmis Communications Corporatio__4.14
14__BUY ___ SMI__Semiconductor Manufacturing In__5.34
15__BUY ___ HPJ__Highpower International Inc__2.27
16__BUY ___ UWN__Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. Com__2.13
17__BUY ___ AEHR__Aehr Test Systems__2.19
1__HOLD __ ELSE__Electro-Sensors, Inc.__3.49
2__HOLD __ CXDC__China XD Plastics Company Limit__4.77
3__HOLD __ GERN__Geron Corporation__2.7
4__HOLD __ CHNR__China Natural Resources, Inc.__1.7
5__HOLD __ BEBE__bebe stores, inc.__0.82
6__HOLD __ MVIS__Microvision, Inc.__1.51
7__HOLD __ PIM__Putnam Master Intermediate Inco__4.48
8__HOLD __ ARQL__ArQule, Inc.__1.45
9__HOLD __ BIOC__Biocept, Inc.__0.58
10__HOLD __ IFON__InfoSonics Corp__0.61
11__HOLD __ STEM__StemCells, Inc.__1.61
12__HOLD __ DGSE__DGSE Companies, Inc. Common Sto__0.83
13__HOLD __ AWX__Avalon Holdings Corporation Com__3.24
14__HOLD __ ABCD__Cambium Learning Group, Inc.__4.63
15__HOLD __ CORT__Corcept Therapeutics Incorporat__5.5
16__HOLD __ OCLS__Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc__4.29
17__HOLD __ GSB__GlobalSCAPE, Inc. Common Stock__3.47
18__HOLD __ SMED__Sharps Compliance Corp__4.6
19__HOLD __ MBTF__M B T Financial Corp__8.68
20__HOLD __ LYG__Lloyds Banking Group Plc Americ__3.09
21__HOLD __ VVUS__VIVUS, Inc.__1.06
22__HOLD __ PANL__Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd__2.54
23__HOLD __ CIDM__Cinedigm Corp__1.71
24__HOLD __ CWST__Casella Waste Systems, Inc.__9.21
25__HOLD __ FPP__FieldPoint Petroleum Corporatio__0.69
26__HOLD __ UMC__United Microelectronics Corpora__1.89
27__HOLD __ NSSC__NAPCO Security Technologies, In__7.2
28__HOLD __ ARCI__Appliance Recycling Centers of __1.05
29__HOLD __ ISSC__Innovative Solutions and Suppor__3.1
30__HOLD __ EFUT__eFuture Holding Inc.__5.38
31__HOLD __ ALSK__Alaska Communications Systems G__1.67
32__HOLD __ QTM__Quantum Corporation Common Stoc__0.59
33__HOLD __ COOL__Majesco Entertainment Company__3.75
34__HOLD __ ARRY__Array BioPharma Inc.__3.24
35__HOLD __ VG__Vonage Holdings Corp. Common St__5.94
36__HOLD __ LTS__Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Se__2.22
37__HOLD __ MDR__McDermott International, Inc. C__5.24
38__HOLD __ CYTR__CytRx Corporation__0.6
39__HOLD __ INUV__Inuvo, Inc New__1.33
40__HOLD __ SB__Safe Bulkers, Inc Common Stock __1.26
41__HOLD __ URRE__Uranium Resources, Inc.__1.46
42__HOLD __ DCTH__Delcath Systems, Inc.__3.82
43__HOLD __ FHCO__Female Health Company (The)__1.32
44__HOLD __ ISR__IsoRay, Inc. Common Stock__0.75
45__HOLD __ ISIG__Insignia Systems, Inc.__2.23
46__HOLD __ ERII__Energy Recovery, Inc.__12.31
47__HOLD __ DYNT__Dynatronics Corporation__2.65
48__HOLD __ ZN__Zion Oil & Gas Inc__1.44
49__HOLD __ OIIM__O2Micro International Limited__1.76
50__HOLD __ RAND__Rand Capital Corporation__3.61
51__HOLD __ GIGA__Giga-tronics Incorporated__1.05
52__HOLD __ III__Information Services Group, Inc__3.8
53__HOLD __ RIC__Richmont Mines, Inc. Common Sto__8.85
54__HOLD __ VSR__Versar, Inc. Common Stock__1.31
55__HOLD __ ULTR__Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) Limited__0.32
56__HOLD __ IDI__IDI, Inc.__4.9
57__HOLD __ GROW__U.S. Global Investors, Inc.__1.99
58__HOLD __ PZE__Petrobras Argentina S.A. ADS__6.14
59__HOLD __ MXC__Mexco Energy Corporation Common__4.0
60__HOLD __ XIN__Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd Amer__6.02
61__HOLD __ CNTF__China TechFaith Wireless Commun__2.87
62__HOLD __ RVP__Retractable Technologies, Inc. __2.52
63__HOLD __ KGJI__Kingold Jewelry Inc.__2.15
64__HOLD __ KOPN__Kopin Corporation__2.23
65__HOLD __ CVO__Cenveo Inc Common Stock__7.04
66__HOLD __ EMAN__eMagin Corporation Common Stock__2.48
67__HOLD __ VII__Vicon Industries, Inc,, Common S__0.66
68__HOLD __ ACPW__Active Power, Inc.__0.36
69__HOLD __ AXTI__AXT Inc__4.44
70__HOLD __ WYY__WidePoint Corporation Common St__0.5
71__HOLD __ NCTY__The9 Limited__1.87
72__HOLD __ TCCO__Technical Communications Corpor__2.63
73__HOLD __ KEM__Kemet Corporation New Common St__3.37
74__HOLD __ IDRA__Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.__1.91
75__HOLD __ APPY__Venaxis, Inc.__3.27
76__HOLD __ EXEL__Exelixis, Inc.__10.96
77__HOLD __ DRAM__Dataram Corporation__1.44
78__HOLD __ ASRV__AmeriServ Financial Inc.__3.16
79__HOLD __ OMEX__Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc__3.37
80__HOLD __ ESMC__Escalon Medical Corp.__0.72
81__HOLD __ AHPI__Allied Healthcare Products, Inc__0.57
82__HOLD __ VICL__Vical Incorporated__3.99
83__HOLD __ LUNA__Luna Innovations Incorporated__1.19
84__HOLD __ FVE__Five Star Quality Care, Inc.__1.98
85__HOLD __ EXTR__Extreme Networks, Inc.__3.91
86__HOLD __ OPHC__OptimumBank Holdings, Inc.__4.22
87__HOLD __ HK__Halcon Resources Corporation Co__0.34
88__HOLD __ S__Sprint Corporation Common Stock__6.14
89__HOLD __ TRT__Trio-Tech International Common __3.47
90__HOLD __ RXII__RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation__2.33
91__HOLD __ STRM__Streamline Health Solutions, In__1.46
92__HOLD __ ALN__American Lorain Corporation Com__0.68
1__SELL __ USEG__U.S. Energy Corp.__1.99
2__SELL __ QBAK__Qualstar Corporation__4.13
3__SELL __ CAMT__Camtek Ltd.__2.46
4__SELL __ DSWL__Deswell Industries, Inc.__1.79
5__SELL __ NNA__Navios Maritime Acquisition Cor__1.47
6__SELL __ BNSO__Bonso Electronics International__1.8
7__SELL __ YGE__Yingli Green Energy Holding Com__3.82
8__SELL __ ERI__Eldorado Resorts, Inc.__14.1
9__SELL __ LTRX__Lantronix, Inc.__1.38
10__SELL __ SINO__Sino-Global Shipping America, L__1.53
11__SELL __ CTIB__CTI Industries Corporation__6.26
12__SELL __ SOL__Renesola Ltd. Common Shares of __1.18
13__SELL __ GFA__Gafisa SA Gafisa S.A. American __1.46
14__SELL __ ACTS__Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd.__2.03
15__SELL __ APT__Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. Common Sto__3.05
16__SELL __ FALC__FalconStor Software, Inc.__0.94
17__SELL __ MNI__McClatchy Company (The) Common __17.21
18__SELL __ CLSN__Celsion Corporation__1.22
19__SELL __ RVSB__Riverview Bancorp Inc__5.19
20__SELL __ MCHX__Marchex, Inc.__2.79
21__SELL __ DRYS__DryShips Inc.__0.83
22__SELL __ VIRC__Virco Manufacturing Corporation__4.2
23__SELL __ PZG__Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. Com__1.7
24__SELL __ OTIV__On Track Innovations Ltd__1.15
25__SELL __ GNVC__GenVec, Inc.__0.61
26__SELL __ WSTL__Westell Technologies, Inc.__0.55
27__SELL __ MNOV__MediciNova, Inc.__6.17
28__SELL __ AMCN__AirMedia Group Inc__3.04
29__SELL __ UEC__Uranium Energy Corp. Common Sto__1.01
30__SELL __ CTHR__Charles & Colvard Ltd__1.22
31__SELL __ CIM__Chimera Investment Corporation __16.28

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08-27-2016 StockRing : BUY 5 INDEXES stocks

StockRing: BUY 5 INDEXES stocks on 08/27/2016

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The Stock Market is GOOD right now. Out of 7 stocks comprising INDEXES Group, only 5 stocks or 71% are rated as a BUY and 2 stocks or 29% are rated as a SELL. That's GOOD!

1__BUY ___ QQQ__PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1__116.78
2__BUY ___ SPY__SPDR S&P 500__217.29
3__BUY ___ ^IXIC__NASDAQ Composite__5218.92
4__BUY ___ DIA__SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Avera__183.82
5__BUY ___ ^GSPC__S&P 500__2169.04
1__SELL __ VXX__iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Fu__37.11
2__SELL __ ^VIX__VOLATILITY S&P 500__13.65

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08-27-2016 StockRing : BUY 63 FAMOUS stocks

StockRing: BUY 63 FAMOUS stocks on 08/27/2016

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The Stock Market is GOOD right now. Out of 288 stocks comprising FAMOUS Group, only 63 stocks or 22% are rated as a BUY and 82 stocks or 28% are rated as a SELL. That's BAD!

1__BUY ___ NFLX__Netflix, Inc.__97.58
2__BUY ___ ADBE__Adobe Systems Incorporated__102.06
3__BUY ___ HON__Honeywell International Inc. Co__116.75
4__BUY ___ STX__Seagate Technology PLC__33.33
5__BUY ___ AMAT__Applied Materials, Inc.__29.97
6__BUY ___ MMM__3M Company Common Stock__179.41
7__BUY ___ PRU__Prudential Financial, Inc. Comm__77.57
8__BUY ___ MET__MetLife, Inc. Common Stock__41.79
9__BUY ___ PNC__PNC Financial Services Group, I__86.69
10__BUY ___ NTAP__NetApp, Inc.__34.99
11__BUY ___ YHOO__Yahoo! Inc.__42.27
12__BUY ___ CHK__Chesapeake Energy Corporation C__6.4
13__BUY ___ GS__Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)__165.97
14__BUY ___, Inc.__25.79
15__BUY ___ VRX__Valeant Pharmaceuticals Interna__30.83
16__BUY ___ PG__Procter & Gamble Company (The) __87.58
17__BUY ___ BBY__Best Buy Co., Inc. Common Stock__39.48
18__BUY ___ ACN__Accenture plc Class A Ordinary __115.2
19__BUY ___ RF__Regions Financial Corporation C__9.79
20__BUY ___ ITW__Illinois Tool Works Inc. Common__119.63
21__BUY ___ VLO__Valero Energy Corporation Commo__55.28
22__BUY ___ AVGO__Broadcom Limited__177.16
23__BUY ___ AMP__Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Comm__98.34
24__BUY ___ GM__General Motors Company Common S__31.53
25__BUY ___ NSC__Norfolk Southern Corporation Co__92.27
26__BUY ___ LYB__LyondellBasell Industries NV Or__79.17
27__BUY ___ MSFT__Microsoft Corporation__58.03
28__BUY ___ MU__Micron Technology, Inc.__16.51
29__BUY ___ ILMN__Illumina, Inc.__172.21
30__BUY ___ FITB__Fifth Third Bancorp__19.69
31__BUY ___ ADSK__Autodesk, Inc.__68.87
32__BUY ___ International, Ltd.__47.44
33__BUY ___ WU__Western Union Company (The) Com__21.61
34__BUY ___ NVDA__NVIDIA Corporation__62.03
35__BUY ___ LRCX__Lam Research Corporation__93.81
36__BUY ___ EMC__EMC Corporation Common Stock__28.7
37__BUY ___ CSCO__Cisco Systems, Inc.__31.35
38__BUY ___ CLR__Continental Resources, Inc. Com__49.29
39__BUY ___ WMB__Williams Companies, Inc. (The) __27.83
40__BUY ___ SCHW__Charles Schwab Corporation (The__30.95
41__BUY ___ SWKS__Skyworks Solutions, Inc.__74.84
42__BUY ___ URI__United Rentals, Inc. Common Sto__82.26
43__BUY ___ PANW__Palo Alto Networks, Inc. Common__140.68
44__BUY ___ TSM__Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur__28.64
45__BUY ___ NXPI__NXP Semiconductors N.V.__88.49
46__BUY ___ QCOM__QUALCOMM Incorporated__62.97
47__BUY ___ EMN__Eastman Chemical Company Common__67.25
48__BUY ___ JPM__JP Morgan Chase & Co. Common St__66.22
49__BUY ___ BAC__Bank of America Corporation Com__15.79
50__BUY ___ BBT__BB&T Corporation Common Stock__37.99
51__BUY ___ BK__Bank of New York Mellon Corpora__40.85
52__BUY ___ C__Citigroup, Inc. Common Stock__47.11
53__BUY ___ HPQ__HP Inc. Common Stock__14.39
54__BUY ___ EBAY__eBay Inc.__31.31
55__BUY ___ TAP__Molson Coors Brewing Company Cl__101.88
56__BUY ___ XLNX__Xilinx, Inc.__54.18
57__BUY ___ USB__U.S. Bancorp Common Stock__43.4
58__BUY ___ CP__Canadian Pacific Railway Limite__153.13
59__BUY ___ DFS__Discover Financial Services Com__58.46
60__BUY ___ MS__Morgan Stanley Common Stock__31.16
61__BUY ___ SBUX__Starbucks Corporation__57.29
62__BUY ___ CFG__Citizens Financial Group, Inc. __24.12
63__BUY ___ CMG__Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Co__418.75
1__HOLD __ VIPS__Vipshop Holdings Limited Americ__14.8
2__HOLD __ DVN__Devon Energy Corporation Common__44.43
3__HOLD __ INCY__Incyte Corporation__81.04
4__HOLD __ MO__Altria Group, Inc.__65.83
5__HOLD __ CELG__Celgene Corporation__108.79
6__HOLD __ EMR__Emerson Electric Company Common__53.73
7__HOLD __ TGT__Target Corporation Common Stock__70.35
8__HOLD __ DHR__Danaher Corporation Common Stoc__81.2
9__HOLD __ LLY__Eli Lilly and Company Common St__78.24
10__HOLD __ TRV__The Travelers Companies, Inc. C__117.14
11__HOLD __ CCL__Carnival Corporation Common Sto__47.1
12__HOLD __ RIG__Transocean Ltd (Switzerland) Co__10.09
13__HOLD __ CSX__CSX Corporation__28.19
14__HOLD __ BABA__Alibaba Group Holding Limited A__95.06
15__HOLD __ TJX__TJX Companies, Inc. (The) Commo__78.69
16__HOLD __ PCLN__The Priceline Group Inc. __1419.79
17__HOLD __ CL__Colgate-Palmolive Company Commo__74.47
18__HOLD __ MA__Mastercard Incorporated Common __96.47
19__HOLD __ MBLY__Mobileye N.V. Ordinary Shares__47.77
20__HOLD __ WDC__Western Digital Corporation__46.93
21__HOLD __ MAC__Macerich Company (The) Common S__82.08
22__HOLD __ GIS__General Mills, Inc. Common Stoc__70.87
23__HOLD __ RDS-A__Royal Dutch Shell PLC Royal Dut__49.7
24__HOLD __ GOOG__Alphabet Inc.__769.54
25__HOLD __ GE__General Electric Company Common__31.23
26__HOLD __ MDLZ__Mondelez International, Inc.__43.06
27__HOLD __ FB__Facebook, Inc.__124.96
28__HOLD __ COF__Capital One Financial Corporati__69.16
29__HOLD __ INTC__Intel Corporation__35.26
30__HOLD __ KSS__Kohl's Corporation Common Stock__44.54
31__HOLD __ VRTX__Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorpor__97.09
32__HOLD __ AMGN__Amgen Inc.__171.97
33__HOLD __ MGM__MGM Resorts International Commo__23.76
34__HOLD __ TEVA__Teva Pharmaceutical Industries __51.55
35__HOLD __ HAL__Halliburton Company Common Stoc__44.56
36__HOLD __ QRVO__Qorvo, Inc.__57.62
37__HOLD __ RTN__Raytheon Company Common Stock__140.92
38__HOLD __ AIG__American International Group, I__59.02
39__HOLD __ MRO__Marathon Oil Corporation Common__15.95
40__HOLD __ JNJ__Johnson & Johnson Common Stock__119.04
41__HOLD __ GGP__General Growth Properties, Inc.__29.12
42__HOLD __ DD__E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Com__69.65
43__HOLD __ T__AT&T Inc.__40.68
44__HOLD __ BBBY__Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.__45.45
45__HOLD __ BMRN__BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.__96.22
46__HOLD __ APC__Anadarko Petroleum Corporation __55.26
47__HOLD __ BUD__Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA Sponsor__125.74
48__HOLD __ SE__Spectra Energy Corp Common Stoc__35.64
49__HOLD __ PPG__PPG Industries, Inc. Common Sto__105.75
50__HOLD __ KR__Kroger Company (The) Common Sto__32.68
51__HOLD __ XOM__Exxon Mobil Corporation Common __87.27
52__HOLD __ OXY__Occidental Petroleum Corporatio__77.17
53__HOLD __ UAL__United Continental Holdings__46.87
54__HOLD __ MAR__Marriott International__72.8
55__HOLD __ MYL__Mylan N.V.__43.03
56__HOLD __ WLL__Whiting Petroleum Corporation C__7.69
57__HOLD __ ICPT__Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.__154.96
58__HOLD __ AA__Alcoa Inc. Common Stock__10.0
59__HOLD __ PVH__PVH Corp. Common Stock__107.58
60__HOLD __ TWTR__Twitter, Inc. Common Stock__18.3
61__HOLD __ ENDP__Endo International plc__21.03
62__HOLD __ MAT__Mattel, Inc.__33.7
63__HOLD __ ALXN__Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.__129.63
64__HOLD __ NVO__Novo Nordisk A/S Common Stock__46.89
65__HOLD __ APD__Air Products and Chemicals, Inc__154.25
66__HOLD __ CTSH__Cognizant Technology Solutions __57.87
67__HOLD __ BIDU__Baidu, Inc.__173.47
68__HOLD __ CAT__Caterpillar, Inc. Common Stock__82.66
69__HOLD __ BDX__Becton, Dickinson and Company C__175.47
70__HOLD __ AAP__Advance Auto Parts Inc Advance __156.83
71__HOLD __ REGN__Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.__402.97
72__HOLD __ SPG__Simon Property Group, Inc. Comm__213.76
73__HOLD __ V__Visa Inc.__80.57
74__HOLD __ PBR__Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro__9.11
75__HOLD __ ABC__AmerisourceBergen Corporation C__85.75
76__HOLD __ UNP__Union Pacific Corporation Commo__95.12
77__HOLD __ CF__CF Industries Holdings, Inc. Co__23.98
78__HOLD __ LOW__Lowe's Companies, Inc. Common S__76.9
79__HOLD __ SBAC__SBA Communications Corporation__113.85
80__HOLD __ PEP__Pepsico, Inc. Common Stock__107.45
81__HOLD __ AXP__American Express Company Common__64.79
82__HOLD __ TMO__Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc Co__152.36
83__HOLD __ STT__State Street Corporation Common__69.07
84__HOLD __ ISRG__Intuitive Surgical, Inc.__685.29
85__HOLD __ FE__FirstEnergy Corporation Common __32.32
86__HOLD __ MPC__Marathon Petroleum Corporation __41.85
87__HOLD __ RCL__Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Co__69.75
88__HOLD __ RHT__Red Hat, Inc. Common Stock__74.37
89__HOLD __ BAX__Baxter International Inc. Commo__47.18
90__HOLD __ LUV__Southwest Airlines Company Comm__36.27
91__HOLD __ OLN__Olin Corporation Common Stock__21.46
92__HOLD __, Inc.__769.0
93__HOLD __ MDT__Medtronic plc. Ordinary Shares__86.6
94__HOLD __ ROK__Rockwell Automation, Inc. Commo__117.87
95__HOLD __ LULU__lululemon athletica inc.__78.19
96__HOLD __ GOOGL__Alphabet Inc.__793.22
97__HOLD __ LH__Laboratory Corporation of Ameri__136.04
98__HOLD __ YUM__Yum! Brands, Inc.__89.53
99__HOLD __ PSX__Phillips 66 Common Stock__78.62
100__HOLD __ EA__Electronic Arts Inc.__81.21
101__HOLD __ AAL__American Airlines Group, Inc.__36.23
102__HOLD __ EPD__Enterprise Products Partners L.__26.59
103__HOLD __ BLK__BlackRock, Inc. Common Stock__371.09
104__HOLD __ BP__BP p.l.c. Common Stock__34.16
105__HOLD __ WFC__Wells Fargo & Company Common St__48.51
106__HOLD __ MSG__The Madison Square Garden Compa__179.68
107__HOLD __ RH__Restoration Hardware Holdings I__32.59
108__HOLD __ NBL__Noble Energy Inc. Common Stock__35.34
109__HOLD __ RRC__Range Resources Corporation Com__39.65
110__HOLD __ ESPR__Esperion Therapeutics, Inc.__10.63
111__HOLD __ F__Ford Motor Company Common Stock__12.38
112__HOLD __ Inc Common Stock__80.03
113__HOLD __ LNKD__LinkedIn Corporation Class A Co__192.5
114__HOLD __ TXN__Texas Instruments Incorporated__69.75
115__HOLD __ VTR__Ventas, Inc. Common Stock__72.14
116__HOLD __ ESRX__Express Scripts Holding Company__72.31
117__HOLD __ ADI__Analog Devices, Inc.__62.96
118__HOLD __ MRK__Merck & Company, Inc. Common St__62.85
119__HOLD __ HES__Hess Corporation Common Stock__56.67
120__HOLD __ HCA__HCA Holdings, Inc. Common Stock__74.26
121__HOLD __ HRS__Harris Corporation Common Stock__90.84
122__HOLD __ SYY__Sysco Corporation Common Stock__52.12
123__HOLD __ CXO__Concho Resources Inc. Common St__132.84
124__HOLD __ HUM__Humana Inc. Common Stock__177.38
125__HOLD __ GILD__Gilead Sciences, Inc.__79.77
126__HOLD __ CAG__ConAgra Foods, Inc. Common Stoc__46.04
127__HOLD __ BMY__Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Co__58.77
128__HOLD __ PHM__PulteGroup, Inc. Common Stock__21.19
129__HOLD __ MON__Monsanto Company Common Stock__107.4
130__HOLD __ BHI__Baker Hughes Incorporated Commo__50.86
131__HOLD __ HOT__Starwood Hotels & Resorts World__78.43
132__HOLD __ BIIB__Biogen Inc.__308.17
133__HOLD __ ORCL__Oracle Corporation Common Stock__41.26
134__HOLD __ ABT__Abbott Laboratories Common Stoc__42.98
135__HOLD __ ZTS__Zoetis Inc. Class A Common Stoc__50.76
136__HOLD __ BRK-B__Berkshire Hathaway Inc. New Com__147.91
137__HOLD __ HLT__Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. __24.02
138__HOLD __ SWN__Southwestern Energy Company Com__14.36
139__HOLD __ DOW__Dow Chemical Company (The) Comm__53.63
140__HOLD __ PFE__Pfizer, Inc. Common Stock__34.82
141__HOLD __ EOG__EOG Resources, Inc. Common Stoc__90.18
142__HOLD __ TSO__Tesoro Corporation Common Stock__73.95
143__HOLD __ MGLN__Magellan Health, Inc.__56.18
1__SELL __ GG__Goldcorp Inc. Common Stock__15.95
2__SELL __ TWX__Time Warner Inc. New Common Sto__79.24
3__SELL __ UNH__UnitedHealth Group Incorporated__136.62
4__SELL __ LVS__Las Vegas Sands Corp. Common St__50.33
5__SELL __ DE__Deere & Company Common Stock__86.74
6__SELL __ COP__ConocoPhillips Common Stock__42.3
7__SELL __ MOS__Mosaic Company (The) Common Sto__27.6
8__SELL __ FCX__Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. Common S__10.89
9__SELL __ NI__NiSource Inc Common Stock__24.19
10__SELL __ UTX__United Technologies Corporation__107.31
11__SELL __ GPRO__GoPro, Inc.__14.72
12__SELL __ PM__Philip Morris International Inc__99.1
13__SELL __ AEP__American Electric Power Company__64.69
14__SELL __ XEL__Xcel Energy Inc. Common Stock__41.39
15__SELL __ AZO__AutoZone, Inc. Common Stock__753.47
16__SELL __ UPS__United Parcel Service, Inc. Com__108.95
17__SELL __ KO__Coca-Cola Company (The) Common __43.32
18__SELL __ TSLA__Tesla Motors, Inc.__219.99
19__SELL __ DGX__Quest Diagnostics Incorporated __82.98
20__SELL __ EXC__Exelon Corporation Common Stock__33.9
21__SELL __ WMT__Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St__71.14
22__SELL __ INFY__Infosys Limited American Deposi__15.9
23__SELL __ DAL__Delta Air Lines, Inc. Common St__36.09
24__SELL __ FEYE__FireEye, Inc.__14.56
25__SELL __ DUK__Duke Energy Corporation (Holdin__79.92
26__SELL __ WBA__Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.__79.39
27__SELL __ VZ__Verizon Communications Inc. Com__52.07
28__SELL __ SHW__Sherwin-Williams Company (The) __285.82
29__SELL __ COST__Costco Wholesale Corporation__163.93
30__SELL __ PXD__Pioneer Natural Resources Compa__179.5
31__SELL __ ED__Consolidated Edison, Inc. Commo__74.77
32__SELL __ MCK__McKesson Corporation Common Sto__182.79
33__SELL __ RAI__Reynolds American Inc Common St__49.87
34__SELL __ CI__Cigna Corporation Common Stock__127.65
35__SELL __ MCD__McDonald's Corporation Common S__114.44
36__SELL __ FDX__FedEx Corporation Common Stock__164.95
37__SELL __ CBS__CBS Corporation Class B Common __51.44
38__SELL __ ABBV__AbbVie Inc. Common Stock__64.61
39__SELL __ BA__Boeing Company (The) Common Sto__132.23
40__SELL __ DPS__Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc Dr__93.28
41__SELL __ VALE__VALE S.A. American Depositary __5.45
42__SELL __ SO__Southern Company (The) Common S__51.05
43__SELL __ IBM__International Business Machines__158.32
44__SELL __ AMT__American Tower Corporation (REI__113.23
45__SELL __ SRE__Sempra Energy Common Stock__104.44
46__SELL __ LMT__Lockheed Martin Corporation Com__244.44
47__SELL __ X__United States Steel Corporation__19.79
48__SELL __ NOC__Northrop Grumman Corporation Co__211.93
49__SELL __ AET__Aetna Inc. Common Stock__117.23
50__SELL __ BXP__Boston Properties, Inc. Common __139.17
51__SELL __ M__Macy's Inc Common Stock__38.56
52__SELL __ EQR__Equity Residential Common Share__64.55
53__SELL __ VIAB__Viacom Inc.__41.11
54__SELL __ CVX__Chevron Corporation Common Stoc__101.32
55__SELL __ UA__Under Armour, Inc. Class A Comm__42.12
56__SELL __ SLB__Schlumberger N.V. Common Stock__80.9
57__SELL __ CMCSA__Comcast Corporation__65.51
58__SELL __ HD__Home Depot, Inc. (The) Common S__134.36
59__SELL __ NKE__Nike, Inc. Common Stock__59.0
60__SELL __ HCP__HCP, Inc. Common Stock__38.74
61__SELL __ SIG__Signet Jewelers Limited Common __80.65
62__SELL __ APA__Apache Corporation Common Stock__52.35
63__SELL __ KMI__Kinder Morgan, Inc. Common Stoc__21.47
64__SELL __ ADM__Archer-Daniels-Midland Company __42.39
65__SELL __ D__Dominion Resources, Inc. Common__74.74
66__SELL __ GME__Gamestop Corporation Common Sto__28.74
67__SELL __ BBRY__BlackBerry Limited__7.97
68__SELL __ FOXA__Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc.__24.54
69__SELL __ NOV__National Oilwell Varco, Inc. Co__34.54
70__SELL __ CVS__CVS Health Corporation Common S__93.26
71__SELL __ CAH__Cardinal Health, Inc. Common St__79.35
72__SELL __ DIS__Walt Disney Company (The) Commo__95.21
73__SELL __ AAPL__Apple Inc.__106.94
74__SELL __ ANTM__Anthem, Inc. Common Stock__124.94
75__SELL __ RAD__Rite Aid Corporation Common Sto__7.43
76__SELL __ NEE__NextEra Energy, Inc. Common Sto__121.62
77__SELL __ CCI__Crown Castle International Corp__93.26
78__SELL __ HCN__Welltower Inc. Common Stock__75.78
79__SELL __ DG__Dollar General Corporation Comm__75.5
80__SELL __ MOH__Molina Healthcare Inc Common St__54.14
81__SELL __ CNC__Centene Corporation Common Stoc__67.66
82__SELL __ UAM__Universal American Corporation __6.84

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08-27-2016 StockRing : BUY 1 OBAMACARE stocks

StockRing: BUY 0 OBAMACARE stocks on 08/27/2016

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#StockRing #MyStocksDotOrg #Stocks #StockMarket

The Stock Market is GOOD right now. Out of 20 stocks comprising OBAMACARE Group, only 1 stocks or 4% are rated as a BUY and 11 stocks or 41% are rated as a SELL. That's BAD!

1__GRAB __ SSY__SunLink Health Systems, Inc. Co__1.41
1__HOLD __ SEM__Select Medical Holdings Corpora__11.51
2__HOLD __ ESRX__Express Scripts Holding Company__72.31
3__HOLD __ CCM__Concord Medical Services Holdin__4.29
4__HOLD __ LPNT__LifePoint Health, Inc.__55.58
5__HOLD __ HIIQ__Health Insurance Innovations, I__5.18
6__HOLD __ AMSG__Amsurg Corp.__63.6
7__HOLD __ HCA__HCA Holdings, Inc. Common Stock__74.26
8__HOLD __ HUM__Humana Inc. Common Stock__177.38
1__SELL __ WCG__Wellcare Health Plans, Inc. Com__112.51
2__SELL __ CI__Cigna Corporation Common Stock__127.65
3__SELL __ AET__Aetna Inc. Common Stock__117.23
4__SELL __ CYH__Community Health Systems, Inc. __10.07
5__SELL __ MOH__Molina Healthcare Inc Common St__54.14
1__DUMP __ UNH__UnitedHealth Group Incorporated__136.62
2__DUMP __ UHS__Universal Health Services, Inc.__119.45
3__DUMP __ THC__Tenet Healthcare Corporation Co__23.22
4__DUMP __ CNC__Centene Corporation Common Stoc__67.66
5__DUMP __ UAM__Universal American Corporation __6.84
6__DUMP __ MGLN__Magellan Health, Inc.__56.18

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