Thursday, June 18, 2015

6/19/205 What to Buy from SYSTEMS Stocks:

                What to Buy from SYSTEMS Stocks:
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1__BUY ___ PTC__PTC Inc.__42.1
2__BUY ___ MIXT__MiX Telematics Limited American__8.12
3__BUY ___ ATTU__Attunity Ltd.__13.85
4__BUY ___ VMW__Vmware, Inc. Common stock,, Clas__89.16
5__BUY ___ ACIW__ACI Worldwide, Inc.__25.48
6__BUY ___ INFY__Infosys Limited American Deposi__32.17
7__BUY ___ NATI__National Instruments Corporatio__31.43
1__HOLD __ TYL__Tyler Technologies, Inc. Common__127.45
2__HOLD __ EVOL__Evolving Systems, Inc.__8.52
3__HOLD __ INS__Intelligent Systems Corporation__2.87
4__HOLD __ PDFS__PDF Solutions, Inc.__17.05
5__HOLD __ ISNS__Image Sensing Systems, Inc.__3.42
6__HOLD __ MENT__Mentor Graphics Corporation__27.17
7__HOLD __ SCSC__ScanSource, Inc.__39.71
8__HOLD __ ANSS__ANSYS, Inc.__90.72
1__SELL __ SYX__Systemax Inc. Common Stock__8.23
2__SELL __ ICAD__icad inc.__3.73
3__SELL __ ADSK__Autodesk, Inc.__54.16

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6/18/2015 What to Buy from SERVICES Stocks:

                What to Buy from SERVICES Stocks:

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1__GRAB __ PDII__PDI, Inc.__1.62
2__GRAB __ ROL__Rollins, Inc. Common Stock__27.09
3__GRAB __ PRAA__PRA Group, Inc.__60.8
4__GRAB __ REIS__Reis, Inc__22.75
5__GRAB __ CVG__Convergys Corporation Common St__25.49
6__GRAB __ HCSG__Healthcare Services Group, Inc.__33.07
1__BUY ___ SFE__Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. New__19.06
2__BUY ___ LABL__Multi-Color Corporation__60.76
3__BUY ___ ABM__ABM Industries Incorporated Com__33.22
4__BUY ___ EXAM__ExamWorks Group, Inc. Common St__41.43
5__BUY ___ VRSK__Verisk Analytics, Inc.__75.18
6__BUY ___ WEX__WEX Inc. common stock__116.83
7__BUY ___ GPN__Global Payments Inc. Common Sto__107.07
8__BUY ___ TTEC__TeleTech Holdings, Inc.__26.8
9__BUY ___ HPY__Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.__54.93
10__BUY ___ WSTC__West Corporation__31.91
11__BUY ___ CASS__Cass Information Systems, Inc__53.36
12__BUY ___ BLOX__Infoblox Inc. Common Stock__27.41
13__BUY ___ CATM__Cardtronics, Inc.__38.68
14__BUY ___ HMSY__HMS Holdings Corp__17.89
15__BUY ___ FLT__FleetCor Technologies, Inc. Com__162.29
16__BUY ___ UEPS__Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc.__18.66
17__BUY ___ RPXC__RPX Corporation__16.53
18__BUY ___ LPSN__LivePerson, Inc.__10.48
1__HOLD __ LIOX__Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.__6.27
2__HOLD __ G__Genpact Limited Common Stock__21.61
3__HOLD __ SCOR__comScore, Inc.__54.25
4__HOLD __ RBA__Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incor__28.78
5__HOLD __ TISI__Team, Inc. Common Stock__41.16
6__HOLD __ FISV__Fiserv, Inc.__82.09
7__HOLD __ ONE__Higher One Holdings, Inc. Commo__2.75
8__HOLD __ EEFT__Euronet Worldwide, Inc.__60.95
9__HOLD __ POWR__PowerSecure International, Inc.__15.03
10__HOLD __ CIDM__Cinedigm Corp__0.88
11__HOLD __ ENV__Envestnet, Inc Common Stock__43.4
12__HOLD __ CBZ__CBIZ, Inc. Common Stock__9.45
13__HOLD __ PFSW__PFSweb, Inc.__14.27
14__HOLD __ BDMS__Birner Dental Management Servic__12.73
15__HOLD __ MHFI__McGraw Hill Financial, Inc. Com__105.24
16__HOLD __ MMS__Maximus, Inc. Common Stock__65.62
17__HOLD __ GSOL__Global Sources Ltd.__6.69
18__HOLD __ PCLN__The Priceline Group Inc. __1171.77
19__HOLD __ NEWT__Newtek Business Services Corp.__17.82
20__HOLD __ PFMT__Performant Financial Corporatio__3.17
21__HOLD __ SRT__StarTek, Inc. Common Stock__6.04
22__HOLD __ ADS__Alliance Data Systems Corporati__300.5
23__HOLD __ ABCO__The Advisory Board Company__53.27
24__HOLD __ MGT__MGT Capital Investments Inc Com__0.45
25__HOLD __ CLCT__Collectors Universe, Inc.__21.2
26__HOLD __ OMEX__Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc__0.53
27__HOLD __ ENOC__EnerNOC, Inc.__10.79
28__HOLD __ CARB__Carbonite, Inc.__11.36
29__HOLD __ PLPM__Planet Payment, Inc.__2.4
30__HOLD __ MCO__Moody's Corporation Common Stoc__109.41
31__HOLD __ GDOT__Green Dot Corporation Class A C__15.04
32__HOLD __ WNS__WNS (Holdings) Limited Sponsore__26.77
33__HOLD __ VNTV__Vantiv, Inc. Class A Common Sto__40.06
34__HOLD __ INWK__InnerWorkings, Inc.__6.73
35__HOLD __ ONVI__Onvia, Inc.__4.34
36__HOLD __ ATHN__athenahealth, Inc.__120.63
37__HOLD __ EXLS__ExlService Holdings, Inc.__34.22
38__HOLD __ DLX__Deluxe Corporation Common Stock__65.15
39__HOLD __ PRGX__PRGX Global, Inc.__4.3
40__HOLD __ CTAS__Cintas Corporation__86.33
41__HOLD __ VVI__Viad Corp Common Stock__27.0
42__HOLD __ NSP__Insperity, Inc. Common Stock__51.74
43__HOLD __ SNX__Synnex Corporation Common Stock__84.07
1__SELL __ QUAD__Quad Graphics, Inc Class A Comm__19.0
2__SELL __ IILG__Interval Leisure Group, Inc.__24.3
3__SELL __ SSTK__Shutterstock, Inc. Common Stock__59.1
4__SELL __ ARC__ARC Document Solutions, Inc. Co__7.11
1__DUMP __ ASFI__Asta Funding, Inc.__8.16
2__DUMP __ CVO__Cenveo Inc__2.28
3__DUMP __ SGRP__SPAR Group, Inc.__1.32
4__DUMP __ USAT__USA Technologies, Inc.__2.85
5__DUMP __ RRD__R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company__18.42
6__DUMP __ CNSI__Comverse Inc.__20.39

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6/17/2015 What to Buy from APPS Stocks:

                What to Buy from APPS Stocks:

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1__GRAB __ ELLI__Ellie Mae, Inc. Common Stock__66.05
2__GRAB __ ZIXI__Zix Corporation__5.42
3__GRAB __ QLYS__Qualys, Inc.__44.79
4__GRAB __ LOGM__LogMein, Inc.__66.58
5__GRAB __ FTNT__Fortinet, Inc.__42.48
6__GRAB __ MANH__Manhattan Associates, Inc.__59.34
7__GRAB __ GUID__Guidance Software, Inc.__8.19
1__BUY ___ Inc Common Stock__73.4
2__BUY ___ KEYW__The KEYW Holding Corporation__11.48
3__BUY ___ TISA__Top Image Systems, Ltd.__3.95
4__BUY ___ FICO__Fair Isaac Corproation Common S__87.76
5__BUY ___ RP__RealPage, Inc.__19.83
6__BUY ___ TXTR__Textura Corporation Common Stoc__29.89
7__BUY ___ CSOD__Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.__32.83
8__BUY ___ DATA__Tableau Software, Inc. Class A __120.6
9__BUY ___ DWRE__DEMANDWARE, INC. Common Stock__70.04
10__BUY ___ JIVE__Jive Software, Inc.__5.75
11__BUY ___ NUAN__Nuance Communications, Inc.__17.93
12__BUY ___ SEAC__SeaChange International, Inc.__7.78
13__BUY ___ SPLK__Splunk Inc.__70.58
14__BUY ___ BV__Bazaarvoice, Inc.__6.26
15__BUY ___ AVG__AVG Technologies N.V. Ordinary __27.79
16__BUY ___ DBD__Diebold, Incorporated Common St__37.39
17__BUY ___ BSFT__BroadSoft, Inc.__37.93
18__BUY ___ PFPT__Proofpoint, Inc.__63.67
19__BUY ___ FALC__FalconStor Software, Inc.__1.6
20__BUY ___ PRGS__Progress Software Corporation__27.85
21__BUY ___ NSIT__Insight Enterprises, Inc.__32.25
22__BUY ___ ORCL__Oracle Corporation Common Stock__44.64
23__BUY ___ QADA__QAD Inc.__27.02
24__BUY ___ BLIN__Bridgeline Digital, Inc.__1.86
25__BUY ___ IMPV__Imperva, Inc. Common Stock__66.56
26__BUY ___ FLTX__Fleetmatics Group PLC Ordinary __46.23
27__BUY ___ LIQD__Liquid Holdings Group, Inc.__0.28
1__HOLD __ BCOV__Brightcove Inc.__7.03
2__HOLD __ NQ__NQ Mobile Inc. American Deposit__6.07
3__HOLD __ ARIS__ARI Network Services, Inc.__3.17
4__HOLD __ ATEA__Astea International, Inc.__1.85
5__HOLD __ SWI__Solarwinds, Inc. Common Stock__47.44
6__HOLD __ CVLT__CommVault Systems, Inc.__44.43
7__HOLD __ MITK__Mitek Systems, Inc.__3.83
8__HOLD __ ADBE__Adobe Systems Incorporated__79.94
9__HOLD __ VRSN__VeriSign, Inc.__63.01
10__HOLD __ WDAY__Workday, Inc. Common Stock__78.99
11__HOLD __ SAP__SAP SE ADS__72.96
12__HOLD __ OTEX__Open Text Corporation__42.74
13__HOLD __ NTWK__NetSol Technologies Inc.__5.36
14__HOLD __ FNJN__Finjan Holdings, Inc.__1.3
15__HOLD __ LXFT__Luxoft Holding, Inc. Class A Or__56.04
16__HOLD __ CLRX__CollabRx, Inc.__0.77
17__HOLD __ DTSI__DTS, Inc.__30.58
18__HOLD __ PRO__PROS Holdings, Inc. Common Stoc__20.96
19__HOLD __ AGYS__Agilysys, Inc.__9.3
20__HOLD __ SAJA__Sajan, Inc.__5.9
21__HOLD __ EGOV__NIC Inc.__18.28
22__HOLD __ MKTO__Marketo, Inc.__29.32
23__HOLD __ PLUS__ePlus inc.__81.9
24__HOLD __ CTRX__Catamaran Corporation__60.38
25__HOLD __ EFUT__eFuture Information Technology __5.99
26__HOLD __ CNIT__China Information Technology, I__3.35
27__HOLD __ CDNS__Cadence Design Systems, Inc.__19.86
28__HOLD __ INTU__Intuit Inc.__103.73
29__HOLD __ SAAS__inContact, Inc.__10.38
30__HOLD __ RST__Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone, In__8.43
31__HOLD __ SOFO__Sonic Foundry, Inc.__7.23
32__HOLD __ GSB__GlobalSCAPE, Inc. Common Stock__3.18
33__HOLD __ TYPE__Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.__24.86
34__HOLD __ SPSC__SPS Commerce, Inc.__66.5
35__HOLD __ RHT__Red Hat, Inc. Common Stock__78.51
36__HOLD __ CVT__CVENT, INC. Common Stock__26.0
37__HOLD __ PAR__PAR Technology Corporation Comm__4.28
38__HOLD __ MATR__Mattersight Corporation__6.22
39__HOLD __ ADVS__Advent Software, Inc.__43.4
40__HOLD __ LOCK__LifeLock, Inc. Common Stock__16.51
41__HOLD __ UPIP__Unwired Planet, Inc.__0.77
42__HOLD __ TIGR__TigerLogic Corporation__0.4
43__HOLD __ MSCI__MSCI Inc Common Stock__61.7
44__HOLD __ RALY__Rally Software Development Corp__19.45
45__HOLD __ MRIN__Marin Software Incorporated Com__7.33
46__HOLD __ SNCR__Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.__49.27
47__HOLD __ AMSWA__American Software, Inc.__9.38
48__HOLD __ FFIV__F5 Networks, Inc.__126.32
1__SELL __ SQI__SciQuest, Inc.__15.28
2__SELL __ RNWK__RealNetworks, Inc.__5.76
3__SELL __ SMSI__Smith Micro Software, Inc.__1.18
4__SELL __ STV__China Digital TV Holding Co., L__4.42
5__SELL __ EXA__Exa Corporation__11.04
6__SELL __ MGIC__Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.__6.36
7__SELL __ COVS__Covisint Corporation__2.68
8__SELL __ ECOM__ChannelAdvisor Corporation Comm__12.03
9__SELL __ VRNG__Vringo, Inc.__0.61
10__SELL __ BSQR__BSQUARE Corporation__7.53
1__DUMP __ DAEG__Daegis Inc__0.65

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6/17/2015 What to Buy from DOW-30 Stocks:

                What to Buy from DOW-30 Stocks:

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1__GRAB __ GS__Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)__213.56
2__GRAB __ JPM__JP Morgan Chase & Co. Common St__68.37
3__GRAB __ UNH__UnitedHealth Group Incorporated__121.55
1__BUY ___ NKE__Nike, Inc. Common Stock__104.56
2__BUY ___ DIS__Walt Disney Company (The) Commo__111.06
1__HOLD __ JNJ__Johnson & Johnson Common Stock__98.36
2__HOLD __ HD__Home Depot, Inc. (The) Common S__110.23
3__HOLD __ IBM__International Business Machines__166.84
4__HOLD __ MSFT__Microsoft Corporation__45.83
5__HOLD __ INTC__Intel Corporation__31.64
6__HOLD __ GE__General Electric Company Common__27.22
7__HOLD __ MMM__3M Company Common Stock__156.49
8__HOLD __ MRK__Merck & Company, Inc. Common St__57.71
9__HOLD __ UTX__United Technologies Corporation__114.94
10__HOLD __ KO__Coca-Cola Company (The) Common __40.08
11__HOLD __ PG__Procter & Gamble Company (The) __79.1
12__HOLD __ CVX__Chevron Corporation Common Stoc__100.04
13__HOLD __ TRV__The Travelers Companies, Inc. C__99.49
14__HOLD __ AXP__American Express Company Common__79.36
15__HOLD __ DD__E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Com__69.35
16__HOLD __ XOM__Exxon Mobil Corporation Common __84.68
17__HOLD __ VZ__Verizon Communications Inc. Com__47.42
18__HOLD __ V__Visa Inc.__69.01
19__HOLD __ CSCO__Cisco Systems, Inc.__28.71
20__HOLD __ PFE__Pfizer, Inc. Common Stock__34.04
21__HOLD __ AAPL__Apple Inc.__127.6
1__SELL __ WMT__Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St__72.35
2__SELL __ BA__Boeing Company (The) Common Sto__142.34
3__SELL __ CAT__Caterpillar, Inc. Common Stock__86.59
4__SELL __ MCD__McDonald's Corporation Common S__94.63

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